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Institutions should be ashamed for not signing up to redress scheme

Beyond Abuse CEO Steve Fisher said today that he was disgusted to hear that there are still institutions who have not signed up to the National Redress Scheme.

“I think those who did not sign up are showing their true colours- that is that they do not care about survivors of child abuse” Mr Fisher said. “Survivors I have spoken to feel like they do not matter and the Royal Commission was a waste of time”.

Beyond Abuse are advising people to get a lawyer and go down the litigation path as not a lot of people realise the laws have changed so even if they have signed deeds of release they can have them over-turned.

We encourage any survivor to get in touch with Beyond Abuse and we can put you in touch with a proven No Win-No Pay lawyer. By going down this path the amount an individual might receive can be 10 or 20 times the pittance they will get out of any other scheme.

“I have gone down that path personally and was amazed at the amount I received and how easy the firm I used made the process”, Mr Fisher said.

Beyond Abuse can be contacted on 0434 792 514 or where we are happy to give details and support if needed.

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